On my blog you can find a constant stream of editorial, commercial, and lifestyle photography that I have recently created for Michigan companies.

Rochester, MI - Oakland University School of Engineering - Editorial Photography- Cam'Ron

Client: Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science

Location: Lab in SECS

Brief: In this editorial session we wanted to capture the essence of focus required to succeed at Oakland University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science.

The first portrait was done using just the light from a dell monitor. The goal here was to maintain a shallow depth of field while simultaneously highlighting the reflecting monitor text in the subject’s glasses. I found the best way to do this was to keep the distance-to-subject the same as the distance from glasses-to-monitor. That is, to even out the focal plane distance in both the subject and the reflection.

Code reflected in glasses

Code reflected in glasses

Next we highlighted some of the spaces at the Engineering center, including the lab and neighboring study area. I was really drawn to the whiteboard as it reflected the geometry in the windows. Not only does this feature the clean lines present all throughout the Engineering center, but the reflections bring a consistent visual theme to the set.


Lastly we changed rooms to a community space near the end of the hall as the sun shine through it. Rather than use the light to overexpose the background in the previous area, I wanted to show the sun and clouds as they illuminated the room. Seeing the sun in that position makes me think, if the sun was behind clouds, that would be a great place to toss a speedlight.